It’s Summer in the Rockies … finally

Hey, I think we may have arrived in summer…..


The ice is gone off the lakes, well at least here at 8100′ anyway.  The higher lakes still have a bit of ice and the snow fields are still claiming Buffalo Pass and the Zirkel Wilderness areas.  Fishing on lakes and streams is turning out to be awesome except for a few that are still experiencing high water.  After talking with CPW, they are working on restocking the lakes in the area.

Campgrounds are plentiful and we have a new RV Park at Sentinel Mountain RV Park located just north of Cowdrey.  Lake John Resort has been busy remodeling the store and is well worth checking out.  Roundup Motel and RV Park as well as Granite Corner are also doing great things for your enjoyment.

How about the Sand Dunes?  Well, what we hear is that it is clear, warm and ready for all you enthusiasts to get out and enjoy.  Whether you’re on a quad or a rail, go out have fun but play responsibly. We want to see your smiling face in at the Moose Creek Cafe for some awesomeness after the playing let’s up.

Keep it safe out there and see you soon…..

Spring Time in North Park

You’ve probably been wondering all winter, when spring might arrive.  Well it’s here, and then again, you should always be prepared for that sudden, spring time snow storm that could dash your plans. So, always have a back up plan and make sure to be prepared just in case that picnic in the wilderness has to get changed to camping at the local motel.

We are happy to see the warmer temperatures, the singing of the many birds, the migrations, and the welcoming of open streams and an abundance of trout.

Hope you all wintered well, now come on up to the Moose Creek Cafe for some great food and friendly advice.

Planning a tour group to view the serene mountains, the grand pastures, and the many species of wildlife that call North Park home then Moose Creek Cafe welcomes all visitors with fast friendly service and your info center. If you are the group leader and bring in your group, bus, bike or otherwise 20 or more, the tour leader gets their meal on the house. Just mention you saw it on the blog.

Have fun folks and see you all soon, and God Bless.

How are you enjoying your summer?

Here in North Park, Walden, Colorado and the surrounding area, we are in full swing with the summer season. With hiking, biking, fishing, camping, four wheelin’ fun and motorcycles, everyone can enjoy a day or a week in friendly North Park. What’s your dream holiday?  Come into the Moose Creek Cafe for and share your story while enjoying a cool beverage and a selection from our diverse menu.

Where’s Winter?

Well, here we are wondering where all the snow went this winter. I suppose it’s all back east. Actually, Buffalo Pass is doing just fine and I don’t mind not having to plow it out of the way. Snowmobiles still have a great place to play and hey, gas prices are the lowest they’ve been in decades.

This weekend coming up is the Ron Sessions Memorial Ice Golf Tournament which is held on the Walden Resevoir. Thirty six holes (occasionally there could be an extra one for those that remember). Anyway, 90 teams compete for the best score and proceeds from the event go to the sponsor of the event, the Jackson County Lions Club.  They use the funds for scholarships and to assist with eye care for individuals in need.

Then of course, February 7th is the Delaney Buttes Ice Fishing Contest where hundreds of ice holes will be drilled to find the prize fish of the day. The North Park Area Chamber of Commerce sponsors the event and is sporting a $1000 Grand Prize this year.

For your culinary delights, come on into Moose Creek Cafe on Main Street in Walden, serving up specialty burgers and southwestern dishes. Open every day at 6 AM for you early birds.

Merry Christmas to All

Here we are, it’s winter in the Rockies and we at Moose Creek Cafe want to wish all  of you a very Merry Christmas.

The snow is falling and Buffalo Pass is looking good for some excellent sled work on the trails. Last Sunday 2 feet of fresh powder fell and made up for the loss during those warmer days. More snow is expected over the next few days leading up to Christmas, so load up and come on up for a long weekend and don’t forget to come in and say hello and warm up in our Fireside Room at Moose Creek.

Mother nature is also making ice on the lakes, so get your gear ready as the 2015 Lake John / Cowdrey Lake Ice Fishing Contest is coming January 10 – 11.  You can find registration forms at or register at Moose Creek Cafe January 9th and 10th.  Grand prize sponsored by the North Park Visitors Bureau.

See ya soon!

A Successful Elk Season

Hello and welcome to MooseCreek. This year saw a huge increase in the number of archery hunters and a plethora of hunters using firearms.  The take was nominal here but the results of big bulls was grand.

Congratulations to all of our winners in the 5 x 5 contest and to those who’s names were drawn for the free dinner in our cow tag contest.  If you didn’t enter, well, be sure that next year when you come out to North Park you stop into the Moose Creek Cafe and pre-register for the contest. You could end up with an awesome Ribeye dinner compliments of the staff.


Walden – #7 on the list of best little mountain towns

What Walden lacks in residents (just 585 at last count) the little home on the range makes up for in outdoor opportunities.Moose first snow 2012   

Anglers converge on it for the world-class fall trout fishing found in the North Platte River and nearby lakes at Delaney Buttes, while hunters hike the surrounding peaks of the Routt National Forest following herds of bugling bull elk. Of course, there are pronghorn and mule deer here too, along with Walden’s best-kept hunting secret—waterfowling that’s surprisingly good considering the town is centered on a wide, flat plain known as North Park. Dollars spent by visiting outdoorsmen and local ranchers give the town a few amenities typically found in much larger burgs. It seems like the whole town gathers for breakfast at the Moose Creek Café……

Moose Creek Cafe - First Snow 10.13.12Moose on Cameron PassP1000075 Sage Grouse

In the Heart of Moose Country ~ Walden, Colorado

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