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Spring Time in North Park

You’ve probably been wondering all winter, when spring might arrive.  Well it’s here, and then again, you should always be prepared for that sudden, spring time snow storm that could dash your plans. So, always have a back up plan and make sure to be prepared just in case that picnic in the wilderness has to get changed to camping at the local motel.

We are happy to see the warmer temperatures, the singing of the many birds, the migrations, and the welcoming of open streams and an abundance of trout.

Hope you all wintered well, now come on up to the Moose Creek Cafe for some great food and friendly advice.

Planning a tour group to view the serene mountains, the grand pastures, and the many species of wildlife that call North Park home then Moose Creek Cafe welcomes all visitors with fast friendly service and your info center. If you are the group leader and bring in your group, bus, bike or otherwise 20 or more, the tour leader gets their meal on the house. Just mention you saw it on the blog.

Have fun folks and see you all soon, and God Bless.

Walden – #7 on the list of best little mountain towns

What Walden lacks in residents (just 585 at last count) the little home on the range makes up for in outdoor opportunities.Moose first snow 2012   

Anglers converge on it for the world-class fall trout fishing found in the North Platte River and nearby lakes at Delaney Buttes, while hunters hike the surrounding peaks of the Routt National Forest following herds of bugling bull elk. Of course, there are pronghorn and mule deer here too, along with Walden’s best-kept hunting secret—waterfowling that’s surprisingly good considering the town is centered on a wide, flat plain known as North Park. Dollars spent by visiting outdoorsmen and local ranchers give the town a few amenities typically found in much larger burgs. It seems like the whole town gathers for breakfast at the Moose Creek Café……

Moose Creek Cafe - First Snow 10.13.12Moose on Cameron PassP1000075 Sage Grouse

The “End” To Winter

Sage Grouse P1000211 229319_207586599272842_100000645098590_643989_1233342_n

As we near the end of winter, and the snow slowly melts away, the Sage Grouse and coming out to perform the annual ritual of the ‘dance’ and strutting around their Leks.

Welcome to North Park, Jackson County and Walden, Colorado where the abundant wildlife puts on an amazing display for bird enthusiasts to wander and watch.  The colorful backdrop of the pristine mountains surrounding this high mountain glacial valley is perfect for photographing and filming of the birds in action.

As well, the Moose are about as well as Elk and Deer so be cautious driving around the Park.

For more information about the Greater Sage Grouse check out the page at the BLM website.

When you’re done checking out the wildlife, come on into the Moose Creek Cafe for a hot cup of coffee or tea or whatever your desire may be. We are open 7 days a week at 6 AM  for your dining enjoyment.