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How are you enjoying your summer?

Here in North Park, Walden, Colorado and the surrounding area, we are in full swing with the summer season. With hiking, biking, fishing, camping, four wheelin’ fun and motorcycles, everyone can enjoy a day or a week in friendly North Park. What’s your dream holiday?  Come into the Moose Creek Cafe for and share your story while enjoying a cool beverage and a selection from our diverse menu.

Where’s Winter?

Well, here we are wondering where all the snow went this winter. I suppose it’s all back east. Actually, Buffalo Pass is doing just fine and I don’t mind not having to plow it out of the way. Snowmobiles still have a great place to play and hey, gas prices are the lowest they’ve been in decades.

This weekend coming up is the Ron Sessions Memorial Ice Golf Tournament which is held on the Walden Resevoir. Thirty six holes (occasionally there could be an extra one for those that remember). Anyway, 90 teams compete for the best score and proceeds from the event go to the sponsor of the event, the Jackson County Lions Club.  They use the funds for scholarships and to assist with eye care for individuals in need.

Then of course, February 7th is the Delaney Buttes Ice Fishing Contest where hundreds of ice holes will be drilled to find the prize fish of the day. The North Park Area Chamber of Commerce sponsors the event and is sporting a $1000 Grand Prize this year.

For your culinary delights, come on into Moose Creek Cafe on Main Street in Walden, serving up specialty burgers and southwestern dishes. Open every day at 6 AM for you early birds.

Walden – #7 on the list of best little mountain towns

What Walden lacks in residents (just 585 at last count) the little home on the range makes up for in outdoor opportunities.Moose first snow 2012   

Anglers converge on it for the world-class fall trout fishing found in the North Platte River and nearby lakes at Delaney Buttes, while hunters hike the surrounding peaks of the Routt National Forest following herds of bugling bull elk. Of course, there are pronghorn and mule deer here too, along with Walden’s best-kept hunting secret—waterfowling that’s surprisingly good considering the town is centered on a wide, flat plain known as North Park. Dollars spent by visiting outdoorsmen and local ranchers give the town a few amenities typically found in much larger burgs. It seems like the whole town gathers for breakfast at the Moose Creek Café……

Moose Creek Cafe - First Snow 10.13.12Moose on Cameron PassP1000075 Sage Grouse

Are you Ready for 5×5?

It’s Elk season and 5×5 fever here in North Park Colorado. Are you ready, yet?

Make sure you all stop in to Moose Creek Cafe and pre register for our 5 x 5 Elk contest. Fill out you information in our book and if you fill you tag with a 5 x 5 or larger you will get your choice of a free meal with a value of up to $20.00. How’s that for a great prize……

You must be pre-registered, though, to win. So get yourself in to Moose Creek Cafe, on Main Street in Walden, Colorado, soon.

School Starts and hunting begins

Here we are, end of summer vacation for the kids, back to school they go. Soon the leaves will begin their annual change to gold and the weather will begin to cool down. What are your plans for this coming fall? If your in North Park or planning a trip up here, whether for a weekend or coming up to hunt one of the huge and trophy type animals, stop into Moose Creek Cafe for a sandwich or a steak. We will be running some great specials through November.

Enjoy a relaxing beverage on our patio before the weather changes and a white blanket is thrown across the sage brush.

What will you do this Weekend?

Well, the Memorial Day weekend is upon us and some are scrambling around trying to stay dry down on the front range. Meanwhile, the sun is shining in Walden and the temps are a moderate 65 degrees. We are out enjoying some fresh air, getting ready to smoke a brisket and ribeye for a great BBQ weekend.

How about you? What are your plans for this weekend?

Don’t forget to honor the men and women who protect your freedoms and keep this country safe. Sure we’ve had our struggles, but we survive, because that’s what Americans do.

Have a great, safe holiday weekend…..

There may be a lot of snow yet in the high country but the sand dunes are open as well as the lakes and streams.  Big Creek Lakes, Ranger Lakes and several of the higher bodies of water have ice on them yet. Lake John and Delaney Buttes are open water. Come on fishermen and ladies, FISH ON!

Moose Creek Cafe will be open at 6 AM everyday and close at 8:30 PM

Friday Special – Steak and Shrimp

Saturday Special – Smoked Ribeye

Sunday Special – Fried Chicken

Monday Special – Smoked Brisket

All for now…..

Snowmobilers Paradise

Hello there, and wow, we have had a pile of snow up here in North Park over the last few weeks.  The base is great with about 5′ of new snow.  Enjoy our beautiful backyard but please be Avalanche Aware when you are out riding. For up to date snow totals check out the state snow depth reports at


Now go out and have some fun and mention you saw this post and get 10% off your next meal at Moose Creek Cafe in downtown Walden, Colorado.