Sandwiches and Burgers

                               THE SANDWICH BOARD 

Sandwiches and Burger served with a choice of French Fries, Waffle Chips, Cole Slaw,  or soup.  (Substitute Onion Rings, Sweet Potato Fries or Salad Bar  for $ 1.00 more). 

*Patty’s Melt ~ All beef burger, served on rye with grilled onions & Swiss cheese    $ 10.25 

Frenchies Dip ~ Slow-roasted beef on a toasted french roll, with onions and swiss cheese.    $ 10.45 

Where’s Rueben ~ Corned beef and sauerkraut and a blend of cheeses, on a deli rye.              $10.95 

* Steak Sandwich ~ A tender, juicy cut of beef, served up on a toasted french roll.                 $14.95

Santa Fe Chicken ~ Grilled chicken breast topped with a whole green chili and swiss cheese, served on a Kaiser roll.             $ 9.25 

Owl Mountain  ~ Grilled  sourdough, served with choice of ham, roasted beef or turkey and a blend of cheeses.   $ 10.25      Combo      $ 11.45

Chicken BLT ~ A grilled breast of chicken, and bacon with lettuce and tomatoes on sourdough bread.             $ 10.95

BLT ~ A savory blend of bacon, lettuce and tomatoes on toasted sourdough.            $ 10.25 

Buffalo Chicken Wrap ~ Tender Chicken fingers coated with buffalo wing sauce, served with tomato, lettuce, and cheddar.           $ 10.45 

Philly Steak n’ Cheese Wrap ~ Tender roast beef wrapped in a tortilla with sautéed peppers and onions, and a blend of cheeses.        $ 10.95

Garden Burger ~ A fantastic blend of garden vegetables in a patty, served with lettuce and tomatoes on a grilled bun.                        $ 9.45

Hot Beef, or *Hamburger ~ Seasoned, and tender served with mashed potatoes.  $ 9.95

 Spicy Pulled Pork ~ Tender roasted pork on a french roll, with grilled onion, jalapenos,  swiss cheese, lettuce and tomato with Siracha Sauce.  $ 10.95

Oh My Pastrami ~ Slow roasted Pastrami with cole slaw and sweet red onion on a deli french roll.  $ 11.95


*Moose Creek Burger ~ An all Beef pattyChar-grilled and topped with blended cheeses.   $ 9.25 

*North Park Burger ~ For the hungry appetite, two patties with bacon and blended cheese     $ 12.65 

*Ranch Hand Cheeseburger ~ A triple decker of pure ground beef – topped with blended cheeses and served with lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles on a corn dusted Kaiser roll.      $ 13.95 

*The Bleu Buffalo Burger ~ This is our newest addition, genuine North Park Buffalo by Whistling Elk Ranch, grilled and smothered with a rich bleu cheese dressing.           $ 12.95 

*Border Burger ~ A 1/3 lb all beef burger grilled and finished with a peeled whole chili,& swiss cheese served with lettuce, and pickle, (guacamole on request for 75 cents extra)     $ 10.35 

*The Roughneck  ~ A triple decker of pure ground beef – topped with blended cheeses, fried egg, bacon, grilled onions, jalapeños and mushrooms and served with lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles on a corn dusted Kaiser roll.            Complete with a stack of Onion Rings   $ 18.95 

*Chili Cheese Burger ~ An all beef burger served with cheese and red or green chili, and topped with diced onions, lettuce and tomatoes.  $ 10.95 

*The Calamity ~ A all beef patty with jalapeño peppers, grilled onions and topped with mushrooms bacon and swiss cheese.    $ 9.85

*The Buster Burger ~ A all beef patty with french fried onions,  and topped with mushrooms and swiss cheese.    $ 10.95

In the Heart of Moose Country ~ Walden, Colorado