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I live in the beautiful area of North Park/Walden, Colorado, owning and operating Moose Creek Cafe and Moose Creek Guesthouse. Here I have found peace and harmony among nature and friends. So many people travel and stop in to enjoy a comfortable meal while listening to our stories as well as telling their own. It is nice to be a part of so many lives here.

Are you Ready for 5×5?

It’s Elk season and 5×5 fever here in North Park Colorado. Are you ready, yet?

Make sure you all stop in to Moose Creek Cafe and pre register for our 5 x 5 Elk contest. Fill out you information in our book and if you fill you tag with a 5 x 5 or larger you will get your choice of a free meal with a value of up to $20.00. How’s that for a great prize……

You must be pre-registered, though, to win. So get yourself in to Moose Creek Cafe, on Main Street in Walden, Colorado, soon.

School Starts and hunting begins

Here we are, end of summer vacation for the kids, back to school they go. Soon the leaves will begin their annual change to gold and the weather will begin to cool down. What are your plans for this coming fall? If your in North Park or planning a trip up here, whether for a weekend or coming up to hunt one of the huge and trophy type animals, stop into Moose Creek Cafe for a sandwich or a steak. We will be running some great specials through November.

Enjoy a relaxing beverage on our patio before the weather changes and a white blanket is thrown across the sage brush.

Motorcycles Galore

This summer has been great for the people who enjoy riding their motorcycles through the great mountain country known as North Park (Walden, CO). The cool air and the awesome vistas provide a relaxing atmosphere.

While riding up through the area, be sure to stop in at Moose Creek Cafe for your favorite beverage and enjoy a plate of Rocky Mountain Oysters or our “Wild One” Elk burger from our menu which provides a wide variety of choices, from sandwiches to southwestern dishes, and steaks and seafood.

Enjoy a cold beverage from our full bar and relax on our patio……..

Amazing encounters along the road called life…..

Yesterday, well evening, we had the wonderful opportunity to meet four young riders living an amazing adventure. One from Belgium, the others from the US.

I am reposting one of the blog statements here.  The people we have come through our door, I believe, are inspirations and guided by a greater power.

“Another beautiful day of riding. It wasn’t raining this morning so we started off on a positive note. We went off route because it cut like 17 mi and 500 ft of climbing out, but we were outside of civilization all day. We climbed to another pass this morning and crossed the continental divide for a second time. We stopped a little after that and ate lunch on the side of the road next to a river where Jacob and I introduced the girls to the classic male past time of throwing rocks into water. After like an hours rest, we hit the road. It really was such a beautiful ride today, for a while we were in the huge valley with snow capped mountains rimming it. It’s hard to capture the vastness and magnitude of a location with a camera sometimes and I think that was the case today. My and Lauren’s phones were dead, so we don’t have too many pictures from today but I will get some from Jacob and Fien to post later. Somewhere along to road, there was a car parked on the shoulder that said run usa. A few miles later, two runner were headed in the opposite direction. They were running for MS and they had a relay race across the country. The guy had finished his stretch and then was crewing, and the girl had run from Steamboat and was running to Nebraska where the next person would take over. The race ends in New York sometime in August. They run 28 miles a day! The last few miles turned into another race with a storm to walden….one that we lost today. I was a bit ahead of everyone in the scramble to walden, and when I was less than a mile from the town, I waited to make sure everyone was coming, then the wind and rain hit hard while I was at a stop sign and no one was coming. So I was concerned something had happened so I biked back about half a mile to find everyone crammed into this small shack that looked like a bus stop and they had thrown Jacobs tarp across the front. Well it was still pouring so I jumped in. With the break in the weather we headed into walden and stopped at the moose creek cafe. The waitress was so nice, she put us in the room with the fireplace, turned it on so we could warm up and dry off. We started chatting with the owner (James) and he offered to put us up for the night. It turns out he is involved in a work exchange program where people come and work for him in exchange for room and board. He has had people from all over the world. They usually work at his cafe. James had so many interesting stories, and just an interesting and down to earth guy. He shared a philosophy on life that I would like to share here. One of the workers from Spain asked what advice he would give him. James said that you should not try to change the world, but change yourself, and by doing so, you change the world. It’s sort of the “be the change you want to see in the world” but I just haven’t heard it but that way. He said some people take on these huge tasks like changing the world, and they get overwhelmed and you can lose sight of who you are and forget that you can change the world by changing yourself and being a better person. Never a dull dinner table conversation on this trip, and tonight was especially enlightening. Anyway, there’s a woman from Beijing and a guy from South Korea named Joe here currently. Jacob and I chatted with joe before bed and we all exchange stories to get a better understanding of how we all ended up in this room tonight. These are the great experiences that some adventures don’t afford. We thought we were going to have sleep in the rain tonight and now I’m chatting with a South Korean who travels the world working odd jobs. Hoping the rain goes away but it doesn’t look likely, but we get to Wyoming tomorrow.”


What will you do this Weekend?

Well, the Memorial Day weekend is upon us and some are scrambling around trying to stay dry down on the front range. Meanwhile, the sun is shining in Walden and the temps are a moderate 65 degrees. We are out enjoying some fresh air, getting ready to smoke a brisket and ribeye for a great BBQ weekend.

How about you? What are your plans for this weekend?

Don’t forget to honor the men and women who protect your freedoms and keep this country safe. Sure we’ve had our struggles, but we survive, because that’s what Americans do.

Have a great, safe holiday weekend…..

There may be a lot of snow yet in the high country but the sand dunes are open as well as the lakes and streams.  Big Creek Lakes, Ranger Lakes and several of the higher bodies of water have ice on them yet. Lake John and Delaney Buttes are open water. Come on fishermen and ladies, FISH ON!

Moose Creek Cafe will be open at 6 AM everyday and close at 8:30 PM

Friday Special – Steak and Shrimp

Saturday Special – Smoked Ribeye

Sunday Special – Fried Chicken

Monday Special – Smoked Brisket

All for now…..

The “End” To Winter

Sage Grouse P1000211 229319_207586599272842_100000645098590_643989_1233342_n

As we near the end of winter, and the snow slowly melts away, the Sage Grouse and coming out to perform the annual ritual of the ‘dance’ and strutting around their Leks.

Welcome to North Park, Jackson County and Walden, Colorado where the abundant wildlife puts on an amazing display for bird enthusiasts to wander and watch.  The colorful backdrop of the pristine mountains surrounding this high mountain glacial valley is perfect for photographing and filming of the birds in action.

As well, the Moose are about as well as Elk and Deer so be cautious driving around the Park.

For more information about the Greater Sage Grouse check out the page at the BLM website.

When you’re done checking out the wildlife, come on into the Moose Creek Cafe for a hot cup of coffee or tea or whatever your desire may be. We are open 7 days a week at 6 AM  for your dining enjoyment.

Snowmobilers Paradise

Hello there, and wow, we have had a pile of snow up here in North Park over the last few weeks.  The base is great with about 5′ of new snow.  Enjoy our beautiful backyard but please be Avalanche Aware when you are out riding. For up to date snow totals check out the state snow depth reports at

Now go out and have some fun and mention you saw this post and get 10% off your next meal at Moose Creek Cafe in downtown Walden, Colorado.