A Successful Elk Season

Hello and welcome to MooseCreek. This year saw a huge increase in the number of archery hunters and a plethora of hunters using firearms.  The take was nominal here but the results of big bulls was grand.

Congratulations to all of our winners in the 5 x 5 contest and to those who’s names were drawn for the free dinner in our cow tag contest.  If you didn’t enter, well, be sure that next year when you come out to North Park you stop into the Moose Creek Cafe and pre-register for the contest. You could end up with an awesome Ribeye dinner compliments of the staff.


Walden – #7 on the list of best little mountain towns

What Walden lacks in residents (just 585 at last count) the little home on the range makes up for in outdoor opportunities.Moose first snow 2012   

Anglers converge on it for the world-class fall trout fishing found in the North Platte River and nearby lakes at Delaney Buttes, while hunters hike the surrounding peaks of the Routt National Forest following herds of bugling bull elk. Of course, there are pronghorn and mule deer here too, along with Walden’s best-kept hunting secret—waterfowling that’s surprisingly good considering the town is centered on a wide, flat plain known as North Park. Dollars spent by visiting outdoorsmen and local ranchers give the town a few amenities typically found in much larger burgs. It seems like the whole town gathers for breakfast at the Moose Creek Café……

Moose Creek Cafe - First Snow 10.13.12Moose on Cameron PassP1000075 Sage Grouse