Labor Day Weekend

Ok, here it is already Labor Day weekend and the kids are all back in school.  Archery season has begun and the fish are jumping just for anglers to get into the swing of the seasons.

What are your plans?  Have you been up on Cameron Pass to see the five (5) yep, five bull Moose hanging out up at the parking lot on top? They are in full view for your camera’s pleasure. Recently I was driving from Granby and spotted a Cow with her two calves, this is a Moose Cow, not the dairy type or you know, the next burger you might enjoy…. wandering across the highway…. okay wandering was like three steps and they were across and then over the fence.  It sure is great to see the wildlife in North Park.  Come soon, as it’s going to get chilly soon and the snow will be flying too.CAN.08.11 034

Be sure to stop into the Moose Creek Cafe for a refreshing beverage and a great burger, sandwich or burrito.

See you soon…….